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Learn about Dartmoor's Famous Semi-wild Pony Herds

Learn about Dartmoor's Famous Semi-wild Pony Herds

Come to Powdermills and learn the secrets of the famous ponies which roam free on Dartmoor! The pottery has teamed up with the charity Friends of the Dartmoor Hill Pony to create the Dartmoor Hill Pony Exhibition.

Learn about the history of ponies on Dartmoor from stone age to present day, how the hill ponies have evolved to be able to survive up here all year round, how they help create a home for wildlife. Find out about the ancient ebb and flow of the 'wild' ponies on the moor's commons.

For a small donation to the charity, follow a suggested driving route to see all the things you've discovered about ponies - and hopefully see the herds grazing on the open moor.

Plus, of course start or finish your visit to the Dartmoor Hill Pony Experience with an award-winning cream tea at the pottery!